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Find the Top Attractions near Front Street Inn, Crescent City

Looking for top attractions in Crescent City around the Front Street Inn, but not sure where to start? From Ocean World to that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

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Ocean World

0.27 miles away

Ocean World Aquarium is a family-friendly aquarium in Crescent City, California. The aquarium has a diverse collection of marine life from all over the world, including a habitat for jellyfish. The highlight of the aquarium is the 2 million gallon ocean tank, which gives visitors a close up view of dolphin and whale swimming and diving.

B Street Pier

0.65 miles away

The B Street Pier is located in Crescent City, California. The pier extends out into the Pacific Ocean and has a total length of 1,930 feet. The pier was built in 1902 and originally served as a freight port. It later became a fishing pier and then a tourist destination. Today, it is home to restaurants, shops, and galleries. The pier is also used for fishing and whale watching.

Crescent City Harbor District

0.69 miles away

The Crescent City Harbor District is a district of the city of Crescent City, California. The district is bounded by North State Street on the south, First Street on the east, Pacific Avenue on the north, and Diamond Street on the west. The district includes historic downtown Crescent City as well as the harbor district that extends along North State Street and First Street to the ocean. The district has a population of about 10,000.

The district was designated a national historic district in 1976. It includes 62 contributing buildings and 2 contributing objects. The buildings include commercial and residential structures, including several early brick commercial buildings. The objects include a lighthouse, a shipbuilding crane, and a pier.

Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge

2.94 miles away

Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge is located in Crescent City, California. The refuge consists of 14 acres of salt marsh, tidal wetlands, and open grasslands. The refuge is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife, including bald eagles, osprey, and the endangered San Joaquin kit fox.

Crescent Beach Overlook

4.07 miles away

The Crescent Beach Overlook offers a spectacular view of Crescent City and the surrounding coastline. The overlook is located at the end of Crescent Beach Road, just before the beach entrance. A wheelchair accessible path leads to the overlook, which offers a great place to take in the view and relax. The overlook also features a picnic area with tables and benches, as well as a shelter for windy days.

Simpson-Reed Trail

6.00 miles away

The Simpson-Reed Trail Crescent City is a well-maintained and scenic trail that spans from Simpsonville to Reedville. The 2.8 mile trail starts out at the historic Simpsonville Depot, making a brief stop at the restored depot museum before continuing on to Reedville. Along the way, you'll pass by shady oaks, crystal-clear creeks and picturesque farms. The trail is wheelchair accessible and perfect for a leisurely walk or bike ride. In Reedville, you can take in the sights and sounds of downtown while enjoying a picnic lunch or stop at one of the local businesses for some refreshments.

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

7.15 miles away

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park Crescent City is a beautiful place to visit. The park has a variety of trails that take visitors through the redwoods. There are also several picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch. The park also has some amazing viewpoints that give visitors a great view of the redwoods.

Tolowa Dunes State Park

8.11 miles away

Located in the heart of Crescent City, Tolowa Dunes State Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the California Coast. The park consists of miles of sandy beaches, dune fields, and pine forests. It is a great spot for hiking, biking, and picnicking with views that extend along the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can also explore the facility’s interpretive center which offers exhibits on natural history, geology, and ecology.

Smith River Welcome Sign

12.52 miles away

The Smith River Welcome Sign Crescent City is a popular tourist attraction in the small town of Crescent City, California. The sign was made of concrete, metal, and glass. It is 21 feet high and 15 feet wide and overlooks the Smith River.

Trees of Mystery

12.86 miles away

The Trees of Mystery Crescent City are a group of eight trees located in the city of Crescent City, California. The trees are thought to be over one hundred years old and are believed to have been planted by the city's founder, John Reed. Reed is also said to have named the city after the crescent shape of the bay that it overlooks. The trees are popular tourist destinations and are often photographed or filmed for use in advertisements or movies.

Klamath Tour Thru Tree

18.03 miles away

The Klamath Tour Thru Tree Crescent City is a unique driving tour that takes you through the charming town of Tree Crescent City. The tour begins at the visitor center, which has exhibits on the history and culture of the Klamath people. You will then drive north on Highway 140, which winds its way through the beautiful redwoods. As you drive, you will see glimpses of the river below and the surrounding mountains. The tour ends at the Tree Crescent Hotel, where you can enjoy a drink or meal in their lovely restaurant.

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